It is a mobile simulation tool which enables you to convert your learning content to personalized simulations in minutes.
It brings a holistic approach to learning, combining theoretical and simulative approach in one tool.

Easy to Use
Great UI / UX


Among may advantages, some of them are:

Self production

anytime, anywhere

Learning at own pace

anytime, anywhere

Relevant cost

comparing to the other
training activities

Detailed feedback

for users and detailed report
for training managers

The world has gone mobile!So, why not your learning content?

Meet the team

Marcus Doe


Founder, CEO

Elena Taylor

Zeynep SAHIN

Learning Technologies Manager

Cris Nilson


Founder, Senior Software Engineer


Creating your own simulations with SimulApp back-end is so easy!

how does it work

Write a description for your target group. Determine the duration

and specify the prerequisite simulations if any.

Ask your questions via videos simply by uploading

them from your smartphone's camera.

Create your options which the user has to choose

and appoint them score points.

Lead users to the next step upon their choices by matching the choices with the relevant steps just by dragging them on the canvas.

Add hints, tips, or information sources to provide

the theoritical information.

Specify feedbacks according to the users' scores.

and leave the rest to SIMULAPP. Then your mobile simulation is ready!

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For Whom?

Simulapp is great for pretty much everybody!
It is all up to your creativity in designing your learning scenario!

You can take advantage of SIMULAPP not only for effective learning but also for assessment.

Some facts about us

5 Projects Completed
5000+ Users
14 Years of Experience
32 Subject Matter Experts